Medicenna recognizes that patient participation in clinical trials is critical in order to advance treatment for cancer and is developing its lead product, MDNA55, for cancers that have a significant unmet medical need.

MDNA55 is currently being studied in clinical trials for treatment of CNS cancers.

Phase 2 Clinical Trial Open To Enrollment

In December of 2016, Medicenna announced the initiation of its Phase 2 trial of MDNA55 in adults with recurrent Glioblastoma where MDNA55 is administered intratumorally using one infusion.

Hospitals participating in this clinical trial include:

  • University of California San Francisco (UCSF Medical Center) San Francisco, CA
    Open to Enrollment
  • Duke University Medical Center – Durham North Carolina
    Open to Enrollment
  • Cleveland Clinic – Cleveland, Ohio
    Open to Enrollment
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center – Dallas, TX
  • Ohio State University – Cincinnati, OH
  • UT Health Science Center San Antonio – San Antonio, TX
    Open to Enrollment
  • Weill Cornell Medical College - New York-Presbyterian Hospital – New York, NY
  • John Wayne Cancer Institute at Providence Saint John’s Health Center – Santa Monica, CA
    Open to Enrollment

For more information about this study, including study design, eligibility criteria and up to date contact information for the participating hospitals please visit trial record (NCT02858895) on

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