one TARGET: infinite Hope™

The Interleukin-4 Receptor is an under-exploited target over-expressed in 20 different cancers and affecting over 1 million new cancer patients every year


Medicenna's IL4 Empowered Cytokines™ are the only class of drugs that simultaneously target the Bulk Tumor, Cancer Stem Cells and Immunosuppressive Cells of the Tumor Micro-environment

NeuroExact™: A Personalized Approach for Brain Cancer

With Fast-Track and Orphan Drug Designations, our lead, MDNA55 has shown compelling efficacy in patients with recurrent Glioblastoma (GBM), a uniformly fatal form of brain cancer

Welcome to Medicenna

Medicenna is a clinical stage, privately held, immuno-oncology company developing novel first-in-class, Interleukin-4 Empowered Cytokines™ (IL4-ECs) that specifically target the Interleukin-4 Receptor (IL4R). Unlike normal cells, the IL4R is over-expressed in 20 different cancers corresponding to an annual incidence of over 1 million IL4R positive cancers.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leader in the development and commercialization of targeted Empowered Cytokines™ and Superkines™ for the treatment of cancer. We aim to achieve our goals by drawing on our expertise with that of world-class collaborators to develop a unique set of Superkines™ that can be fused with pro-apoptotic proteins in order to precisely deliver potent cell-killing agents to cancer cells, the immunosuppressive tumor micro-environment and cancer stem cells without harming healthy cells.


Our Name

The name, Medicenna, is derived by fusing the word “Medicine” with the name, Avicenna, who has, for a thousand years, retained his original renown as one of the greatest thinkers and medical scholars in history. He is regarded, as the father of Evidence Based Medicine.