BiSKITs represent our novel platform comprised of Bifunctional SuperKine ImmunoTherapies

One Molecule, Two Functions, Infinite Possibilities

The versatility of our Superkine platform facilitates use of fusion technology to amplify the capabilities of our naked IL-2, IL-4 and IL-13 Superkines which were originally designed through directed evolution, a powerful innovation for improving functionality of proteins. For example, in the case of MDNA11, fusion of our IL-2 super-agonist to albumin enhances the half-life of the drug allowing for extending dosing schedules from every 8 hours to every 2 weeks, while with MDNA55, fusion of an engineered IL-4 to a potent toxin empowers the Superkine with tumor-targeted killing capability.

These fusions are just the beginning of what Medicenna can create with its Superkine platform. Medicenna’s Superkines can be fused with a large variety of proteins, antibodies and even other Superkines to incorporate two synergistic mechanisms of action into one molecule: a BiSKIT.

How BiSKITs Work

BiSKITs can target cancers where other immunotherapies have failed to be effective. One example of this is MDNA223, an IL-2 Superkine fused to an antibody (anti-PD1). MDNA223 is a BiSKIT designed to activate cancer killing immune cells via the IL-2 receptor while simultaneously preventing their exhaustion by blocking PD-1 signaling (as shown in the figure below). Combining these two functions into a single molecule allows us to simultaneously modulate both pathways on the same immune cells, also known as cis-targeting.  Data from murine tumor models showed dose-dependent and statistically significant improvements in tumor control compared to administration of an anti-PD-1 antibody or an IL-2 super-agonist or their combination demonstrating the distinct advantage of a single agent BiSKIT versus two therapies administered separately.


Other possibilities include

  • Fusing a Superkine to another Superkine allowing a break down of the defenses of a tumor with one Superkine, while simultaneously activating the cancer killing immune cells with another Superkine
  • Fusing a Superkine to a cancer specific antibody allowing the two fused molecules to work in harmony by activating the immune system and enhancing the effect of the antibody at the tumor site.



We are developing BiSKITs as a natural evolution of Medicenna’s platform inspiring us to create therapies that address a wide range of diseases, including those with significant unmet needs.