Bi-functional SuperKine ImmunoTherapies (“BiSKITs”)

One Molecule, Two Functions

Our Superkine platform allows the use of fusion to enhance the capabilities of our naked IL-2, IL-4 and IL-13 Superkines which were created through directed evolution. For example, with MDNA11, albumin enhances the half-life of the drug allowing for a longer period between dosing, while with MDNA55, the fused toxin gives the Superkine a tumor-targeted killing capability.

These fusions are just the beginning of what Medicenna can create with its Superkine platform. Medicenna’s Superkines can be fused with a large variety of proteins, antibodies and even other Superkines to incorporate two synergistic mechanisms of action into one molecule: a BiSKIT.

How BiSKITs Work

BiSKITs can target cancers where other immunotherapies have failed to be effective, such as cold tumors. Cold tumors are cancer types such as prostate, pancreatic, glioblastoma etc. that do not respond to current immunotherapies. BiSKIT’s are able to break down the defenses of these cold tumors with one Superkine,  while simultaneously activating the immune system with the another Superkine.


Other possibilities include fusing a Superkine to an antibody such as a checkpoint inhibitor, a cancer specific antibody or a T-cell engager, allowing the two fused molecules to work in harmony by activating the immune system and enhancing the effect of the antibody.

BiSKITs are the natural evolution of Medicenna’s platform and allow us to create therapies that address a wide range of diseases, including those with significant unmet need.

Medicenna is planning to announce a lead BiSKIT candidate in the second half of 2021.