Empowered Cytokines

Medicenna’s Superkine technology can produce enhanced cytokines capable of fine-tuning a patient’s immune response to suit clinical need. These Superkines are potentially able to dampen a Th2 immune response to treat asthma or an autoimmune disorder, or even disrupt a tumor’s ability to corrupt nearby immune cells.

But another potential role for these Superkines is to make use of their extraordinary ability to latch on to specific cytokine receptors and deliver a payload.

By attaching molecules that can kill a cell once internalized, Superkines can be modified into targeted cancer therapies.

Harmful products, such as bacterial toxins that would be far too harmful if delivered systemically, can be physically attached to these Superkines and carried to the heart of the disease.

Superkines such as MDNA132 have a very high affinity for receptors that are overexpressed in some tumors. By combining these strategies, we may be able to develop sophisticated targeted treatment for cancers that badly need better options.

Medicenna’s MDNA55 is an Empowered™ IL-4 cytokine that that is fused to the catalytic domain of the bacterial pseudomonas exotoxin A (PE). MDNA55 is designed so that the toxin is only active once the it has been internalized by the target cell, avoiding toxicity to healthy tissue.