Medicenna’s lead MDNA55 clinical program has been validated by $14.1M in grants and the opportunities for MDNA55, first in rGBM with the potential for Accelerated Approvals, then in numerous CNS cancer indications is moving forward through the clinic. Our novel mechanism of action for our Superkine™ and Empowered Cytokine™ platforms is synergistic with current immunotherapies supports a broader pipeline on track to transform patient’s lives living with cancer. Medicenna is seeking partners to further our science, platform and programs.

Medicenna has licensed rights to patents and intellectual property related to Superkine™ and Empowered Cytokine™ platforms from leading global academic and research institutions:

Partnering Opportunities

Product Initial Opportunity Stage Unique Differentiated Profile
MDNA55 Recurrent GBM; Metastatic brain tumors; pediatric CNS cancers Clinical Phase 2b Dual-action immunotherapeutic simultaneously targeting IL-4R expressing tumors and tumor microenvironment
(IL2 Super-Agonist)
Solid tumors Pre-Clinical
(Phase 1/2 trial planned in 2019)
Improved potency and selectivity for Teff over Treg compared to NKTR-214 (Nektar)
(IL2 Super-Antagonist)
Autoimmune diseases Pre-Clinical Broad and potent inhibition of IL2R expressing cells compared to DEL106 (Delinia) and Daclizumab (Abbvie/Biogen)
(IL13 Super-Antagonist)
Solid tumors; Th2 diseases Pre-Clinical Unique MOA targeting Type 2 IL4/IL13 receptor compared to Dupilumab (Sanofi) and PRS-060 (Pieris)
(IL13 Superkine)
Solid tumor targeting for CAR-T Pre-Clinical Higher selectivity and affinity than IL13 mutant used as targeting moiety of MB-101 (Mustang Bio)